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Our Aims

  • To provide support, activities and friendship for Jewish people on their own, be they single, divorced, separated, estranged or widowed.
  • To provide a diary of events within the Jewish communities for single people, informing them of a range of social and educational activities.
  • To make every synagogue aware of the continuing needs of the single person.
  • To encourage and support single Jewish people in finding a successful social life.
  • To ensure that any function or event arranged is within everyone's financial means.
  • To listen to the individual and collective social activity needs of Jewish single people and endeavour to provide for these needs (not, however, social welfare).
  • All functions to be organised to satisfy Kashrut and Shabbat standards and, where possible, if a surplus is made from such functions, to make charitable donations.

In partnership with the United Synagogues of Great Britain.
UK Registered Charity Number:  242552

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