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Vital Info

Yes, you DO have to be Jewish (any variety) and single (ie, not married), to come to an NWJS event. Nearly 1000 singles on our email list!  

To see our up and coming events, click on EVENTS

Membership of  NWJS is free but please be aware that the Council reserves the right to refuse admission to events.


It's the quickest way to make friends!

Nobody gets paid at NWJS - it's totally volunteer-run.  If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail bushey.nwjs@gmail.com 



Who puts on events? - You can!  

The NWJS Committee is delighted to hear from you if you have a suggestion for an event. Just e-mail bushey.nwjs@gmail.com

ANYONE can put forward an idea or offer to be the link person for an event, and we are always looking for more.

Perhaps you know of an event - quiz evening, jazz night, comedy stand up, film, musical, classical concert, an exhibition, a London or country walk, a stately home, a bowling alley - that you fancy visiting but don't want to go alone? Then, just call us on the Hotline 07940 181000 and offer to be the link person so that fellow NWJS singles can meet up with you at the venue. Or you might like to be the link person for an evening at your favourite hotel, bar or pub? It's up to you and it's a fantastic way to make friends.

We would really like offers of home venues for coffee and bridge evenings - we make it easy - no expense on your part. And no catering unless you want to do some, or help us.

NWJS reserves the right to approve all events before they appear on the EVENTS Diary.

There are lots of other ways to get involved with NWJS.


All food served at NWJS parties is kosher and we only dine out at kosher restaurants. If we visit a public show then eating and drinking are at your discretion as we cannot guarantee kashrut.


We don't seek to make a profit from our events. Our aim is simply to break even. This means our events are reasonably priced. If there is any 'surplus' money in the NWJS bank account, then the Council donates it to selected Jewish charities.


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